Security Services

Started by law enforcement officers, Trinity Protection Group understands the best offense is a good defense. Utilizing their years threat analysis experience, we will conduct a thorough risk assessment and provide the resources necessary to deter criminal activity and mitigate threats before they start.

Trinity Protection Group’s highly-trained personnel, made up of local civilians and law enforcement, are equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge to provide superior security services.


For some people, personal protection is a necessity. It can be for a variety of reasons, and because of that, Trinity Protection Group conducts a thorough threat assessment and risk analysis prior to building a comprehensive individualized security plan.

Trinity Protection Group has a variety of services to suit your personal protection needs, including 24-hour security details, plainclothes officers, and private property surveillance.


Trinity Protection Group offers 24/7 manned protection securing your property from theft and criminal activity. Our highly-skilled team utilizes a variety of techniques to secure the property, including interior/exterior foot patrols, securing doors/windows, and monitoring access to the property.

Special Events

Each event and venue has it own set of challenges, but our experienced staff has the skills and resources necessary to manage large crowds, eliminate conflicts, and ensure all guests feel safe and secure throughout the event.

Threat Assessments

There are three key factors to consider when conducting a detailed threat assessment: credibility of the threat, seriousness of action(s) taken, and probability of the event happening.

Early identification of potentially harmful situations and people is critical and will significantly increase the success rate of our your safety plan. Trinity Protection Group’s experienced, well-trained law enforcement officers will walk through each potential threat with you and develop a response plan for perceived and actual threats.

Empowerment/Defensive Tactics Courses

Whether you know it or not, at some point in your life you’re going to be a target for potential criminal activity; so you might as well be a hard one.

Trinity Protection Group offers empowerment and defensive tactics courses; both personal and group instruction available. During the course, our attendees will learn techniques to defuse, deflect, and eliminate threats to their personal safety.


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