About Trinity Protection Group

Trinity Protection Group, LLC is a licensed and insured security firm located in South Bend, Indiana. Started by law enforcement officers, TPG utilizes first-hand experience with with vast industry knowledge to build comprehensive plans to protect persons and property.

Meet the Team

Brandon Schmidt As a Patrolman First Class in the South Bend Police Department, PFC Schmidt has extensive experience deescalating dangerous situations and protecting persons/property. As a member of the Strategic Focus Unit, he is routinely tasked with locating and apprehending extremely dangerous individuals within the community.
    PFC Schmidt has substantial experience working in the private security field protecting persons and property from harm and theft, including plain clothes details, loss prevention, and event security.
    Defensive Tactics / Hand-to-Hand Combat
    Emergency Vehicle Operator Certified (EVOC)

Neil Graber For over 15 years, Sergeant Graber has the served the South Bend, Indiana community as a member of its police force. Over the course of his career, he has held numerous supervisory and leadership positions, including Assistant Team Leader on the Special Weapons And Tactics (S.W.A.T) team as well as Sergeant for the Strategic Focus Unit for the South Bend Police Department.
    Sergeant Graber has successfully organized and managed numerous private security appointments throughout the Greater South Bend Area; both residential and commercial.